New veterinarian business Chiropractic for Everybody opens in Grand Marais
Mari LaMoore

New veterinarian business Chiropractic for Everybody opens in Grand Marais

A Twin Cities metropolitan chiropractic business has opened a new location in Grand Marais. 

Dr. Annie Seefeldt started Chiropractic For Everybody in 2008 and provides chiropractic care for dogs and cats at multiple locations across the Twin Cities area. 

The new location in Grand Marais will operate out of the Lake County Veterinary Clinic on Highway 61. Mari LaMoore, the manager of the Grand Marais location, said the business is currently open on Wednesdays. However, as the business grows, LaMoore intends to expand the hours.

LaMoore said she had received positive feedback from the community since opening the business in Grand Marais. “The people I’ve talked to and the people I’ve met are really interested in this. Grand Marais is clearly a dog-loving community,” she said.

LaMoore graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota five years ago. Her path in veterinary medicine transitioned after her dog experienced a shoulder injury a few years ago. “Chiropractic was part of his path to recovery,” LaMoore said. 

As LaMoore helped her dog recover, she decided she would get certified as an animal chiropractor. Soon after, she started working for Chiropractic For Everybody. “There’s something really special, an intimate sort of bond that develops with an animal when you can actually heal them with your own two hands,” LaMoore said.  

Recently, LaMoore and her husband moved to Cook County and are building a home. “We moved up here at a beautiful time of the year. We’ve spent a lot of time hiking, getting to know people, meeting local business owners, and having friends and family visit.” She added, “We’re happy to be here.”

In addition to managing Chiropractic For Everybody, LaMoore is assisting Dr. Grace Brown at Lake County Veterinary Clinic with general practice veterinary work. 

To schedule an appointment at Chiropractic For Everybody contact the Roseville office at 952-484-5460 or visit their website.

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with LaMoore to learn more about the new animal chiropractic business in Grand Marais. Audio from the interview is below.