Pike Lake Road. Photo by Joe Friedrichs
Joe Friedrichs

Pike Lake Road construction project continues to crawl forward

Financial reshuffling and other factors are leading to a decrease in the amount of money Cook County will use to improve Pike Lake Road, according to the local highway engineer.

During a meeting of the Cook County Commissioners Oct. 26, Highway Engineer Robbie Hass said the updated budget to improve the popular roadway near Grand Marais is now an estimated $6 million. Originally the project had a price tag of around $12 million.

Modifying the scope, or design plan and implementation, of the Mineral Center Road in Cook County reduced the amount of money the highway department has for the Pike Lake Road reconstruction moving forward, Hass said.

To view a slideshow detailing the current status of the Pike Lake Road project, including costs and a timeline for construction, click here.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Hass about the issues discussed at that county board meeting and the plan for the Pike Lake Road project moving forward.