School District 166 buses leaving the garage. File photo - Rhonda Silence
Rhonda Silence

Principal provides update as middle school students return to campus

School District 166 is busy preparing for the return of Middle School and High School students. Middle school students will return to school in the hybrid model on Tuesday, March 2 and high school students will be back on campus in the hybrid model on Tuesday, March 9.

WTIP’s North Shore Morning host Mark Abrahamson spoke with Principal and Acting Superintendent Megan Myers about what she called a “positive turn of events.”

Principal Myers also talked about some activities at the school in celebration of the hard-working school staff. She said Governor Tim Walz has issued proclamations honoring paraprofessionals, and school bus drivers. She said last week was dedicated to school board members and this week the state is recognizing school social workers. Myers said it is meaningful to see the people who keep the school running honored in this way.

Myers also noted that there are openings for substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers. More information can be found on those jobs on the school website or by calling the school at 218-387-2271.