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Pop Quiz for November 13


Josh Dobbs the new quarterback for the MN Vikings has another pursuit and has a nickname reflecting his college studies. What is his field of study?



Aerospace engineering



Mary Brislance



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Josh Dobbs said, “I think you have to have a plan at the end of the day to see the bigger picture and take advantage of the opportunities you’re given.”

Dobbs picked up Sunday right where he left off last week in Atlanta, accounting for 312 offensive yards and two touchdowns in the Vikings’ 27-19 victory over the Saints. In so doing, Dobbs became the first player in NFL history to amass 400 passing yards, 100 rushing yards and no interceptions in his first two games with a team, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Dobbs’s love for space dates back to his days as a six-year-old, when his strong appetite for math problems and science experiments kept his parents on their toes.