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Questions for new school board member Stephanie Radloff

When the Cook County ballots were printed, there were no candidates for District 4 of School District 166. No one came forward in time to run for the seat vacated when Sissy Lunde decided not to run for re-election.

Two candidates came forward later to announce that they were running as write-in candidates, Lindsey Gau and Stephanie Radloff.

In a very close finish in the November 3 election, Radloff won the seat with 209 votes. Gau finished with 201 votes.

In a WTIP candidate interview, Radloff noted that she was running so parents like herself could have a voice. Radloff was particularly focused on School District 166 returning to an in-person learning model because of the low COVID-19 cases in the county–at that time.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Radloff the day after the election to see if her stance had changed in light of the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Cook County.

WTIP also asked Radloff for her thoughts on one of the issues Lindsey Gau had championed in her write-in campaign, inclusiveness and the need to eliminate systemic racism. Radloff talked about the atmosphere at School District 166–now, and when she was a student there.

Here’s their conversation.