Recount in close race between Skraba and Ecklund for 3A seat starts today
Joe Friedrichs

Recount in close race between Skraba and Ecklund for 3A seat starts today

The recount for the District 3A seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives is taking place this week across northern Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, incumbent Rob Ecklund received 15 fewer votes than his opponent, Roger Skraba, a Republican from Ely, in the House District 3A race. As of Nov. 9, Skraba has been declared the unofficial winner in the race.

Though it takes place across the massive district this week, the recount started at 9 a.m. in Cook County. The recount was held in the commissioners’ room at the courthouse in Grand Marais. A collection of Democrats and Republicans watched as the ballots were being recounted Monday morning. The public was allowed to attend the recount, with approximately 20 people in the commissioners’ room when the counting started. According to early reports, there was only one ballot in question among more than 3,000 cast in Cook County during the Nov. 8 election. The ballot in question was originally cast for Ecklund. It was challenged by GOP supporters who were in attendance Monday. The ballot in question will be sent to state offices and reviewed by the state canvassing board.

Across the district, the recount will take place over the course of several days, ending with the recount in Lake County on Wednesday.

The official results of the District 3A race should be verified shortly thereafter. WTIP will share the results as soon as they are available.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs attended a portion of the recount Monday. He spoke with Cook County Auditor-Treasurer Braidy Powers about the results of the recount. Audio below.