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Sawtooth Elementary third-graders share what they're thankful for

ISD 166 photo by CJHeithoff
ISD 166 photo by CJHeithoff

Sawtooth Mountain Elementary's third-grade students have been busy before Thanksgiving, working on writing poems describing what they are thankful for.  

The students share a delightful cornucopia of things for which they are thankful, from siblings, cousins, and parents to great teachers and friends. There are lots of kids thankful for pets, including one lizard. Pizza was something one third-grader was especially thankful for, but food and water were high on the list for most of the children.
Give a listen to their thoughts—you’ll certainly find something that you are thankful for as well. 

Click below to listen to one or all of the three segments that aired this week on North Shore Morning and today on the North Shore News Hour.