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School administration explains Social Justice Conference

Members of the School District 166 Diversity Committee have been planning a “Social Justice Conference” at the school for several months. WTIP has talked to organizers several times about this first-ever event, which involves students, teachers and community members. In recent days, concerns have been raised by some citizens about the format of the conference. The conference will be an all-day event at the school on Friday, March 9. 

One of the primary questions asked has been if parents could attend the Social Justice Conference sessions. To be clear about the school’s position on parent involvement at the Social Justice Conference, we emailed Principal Bill DeWitt a follow-up question:
If a parent showed up at the school during the workshop, would they be barred from entering a classroom? 

DeWitt responded to WTIP in an email:
“No, parents would not be barred from being in the building or in the sessions, if there is a parent that feels that strongly about it we would ask that they make prior arrangements with the school so we can support them in their request, similar to what we ask of our parents with all days....let the teacher and school know.”

For more information on the conference purpose and topics, visit the School District website and click on Social Justice Conference. 

WTIP's Rhonda Silence also checked in with school adminstrators, Principal Bill DeWitt and Assistant Principal Mitch Dorr, to learn more. Here's that interview.