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Cook County School District 166 - WTIP file photo
When the School District 166 school board met on November 18, that latest case rates for COVID-19 had grown to a higher number than it has ever been. There was no discussion of removing the mask mandate at the school, but the school board members asked questions about when that could be...
School District 166 buses leaving the garage. File photo - Rhonda Silence
At the School District 166 October school board meeting, the need for bus drivers was a top topic. 

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence checked in with Superintendent Chris Lindholm after the meeting to learn more about an increase in bus driver compensation. Lindholm said the board...
School Respect banner - Photo Rhonda Silence
Students at School District 166 were recently asked to complete a survey about their school experience last week and some parents have asked why the survey was necessary—and what it will be used for. The first four questions, related to ethnicity and gender identity, surprised some...

A COVID-19 precaution reminder at School District 166. Photo by Rhonda Silence
On Thursday, October 7, the Cook County COVID-19 website was updated, letting the community know that there were 10 new cases in the previous week, bringing the total number of cases to 234 since the beginning of the pandemic. At least one of those cases is among the student population at...

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mitch Dorr is leaving School District 166 on November 1 - Photo by Rhonda Silence
Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mitch Dorr is leaving School District 166. Dorr sent out an email to his colleagues at School District 166 this week, letting them know that he was leaving the district, effective November 1.

Dorr shared a copy of his letter to Cook County...
School District 166 has reminders of COVID-19 cautions throughout the school. Photo by Rhonda Silence
Although everyone in the community hoped that our local schools would not see a case of COVID-19 in the school population, many acknowledged it may be an impossible goal with increasing numbers in the state. Hopes of making it through the school year without a COVID-19 case were dashed with an...

Cook County Vikings logo - Courtesy of School District 166
An outbreak of COVID-19 at a school district in northern Minnesota led to the cancellation of the Cook County Vikings upcoming football game.

The Vikings were set to travel to Bigfork for a football game on Friday, Sept. 24. However, School District 166 Athletic Director Mitch Dorr...

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I.S.D. 166 School Information

Cook County Schools
101 West Fifth Street
Grand Marais, MN 55604
Phone: (218)387-2271

Superintendent: Dr. William Crandall
Phone: (218)387-2271, ext. 612

The members of the Cook County School Board are:

District 1 - Debra White

District 2 - Carrie Jansen

District 3 - Rena Rogers

District 4 - Stephanie Radloff

District 5 – Dan Shirley

Great Expectations Charter School
Mail: PO Box 310 • Grand Marais, MN 55604
Phone: 218.387.9322

Director: Peter James
Birch Grove Community School
P.O. Box 2383
Tofte, MN 55615
Phone: 218-663-0170

Director: Diane Blanchette
218-663-0170 ext. 20
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