Rhonda Silence

Short-term rental tax conversation shifts to St. Paul

The topic of short-term rental tax classification in Cook County and across Minnesota found its way to the Capitol in St. Paul. After many hours of discussion on the topic of short-term rental tax classification during recent weeks in Cook County, the county board passed Feb. 11 that is now in the hands of the state legislature. A bill modeled, at least in part, off of the resolution is expected by the end of February.

The resolution that passed locally suggests three different outcomes, according to Cook County Assessor Bob Thompson.

The first is a proposal that a new classification be created, with rates that are equal to the current residential rate of 1.25 percent, and higher for properties valued over $275,000, Thompson told WTIP.

The second scenario simply said a new classification that’s taxed somewhere between the seasonal recreation and commercial tax rates.

The final proposal is to define them as the existing residential non-homestead classification.

Cook County Chamber of Commerce Director Jim Boyd supported the resolution. Boyd and Judy Erickson, the government relations specialist for the chamber, met with state lawmakers Feb. 18 to discuss the resolution and what comes next in the process.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Erickson about those meetings. The audio from that conversation is posted below.

In addition, Friedrichs spoke with Thompson about the resolution and what it means for Cook County. Below is the audio from that conversation.