Sisu and Löyly expand business to offer mobile sauna service
Sisu and Löyly

Sisu and Löyly expand business to offer mobile sauna service

The mobile sauna industry has grown immensely in recent years. 

With the rise of wellness trends and the desire for unique experiences, mobile saunas have become a popular option for individuals, groups, and events. Additionally, the pandemic has played a role in the growth of the mobile sauna industry. With the closure of many public saunas and gyms, individuals have been looking for alternative ways to access and enjoy saunas.

Two Cook County business owners, Katie and Sam Usem, who own a sauna business named Sisu and Löyly in Grand Marais, have joined in the nationwide trend. The Usem’s started their sauna business in 2021. The owners recently announced they are expanding their business to include a mobile sauna, the first in Cook County.

“It feels like the right time to take another step,” Katie Usem said. 

The mobile sauna arrived in Grand Marais in the past week and has piqued the interest of many in the area. Sam Usem said numerous individuals around town have reached out to comment on the beautiful craftsmanship of the timber-arched sauna. 

The mobile sauna was built by hand by Mike of Timber Arched. Mike uses wooden boat-building techniques of steam bending to shape oak timbers hewn from his family farm in Osakis, MN. 

“It adds both an elegant aspect when you’re inside the sauna, and it’s got that curved arch to it,” Sam Usem said. “But also on the outside. It makes it incredibly strong.”

With the high arched ceiling, the sauna can comfortably fit 4 to 6 people. Katie Usem said she envisions individuals renting the sauna for residential use or small events. They intend to operate the mobile sauna year-round. However, it will be weather dependent for certain times of the year. 

“It is Minnesota-built and hardy,” Katie Usem said. “So no matter what shape the winter throws at us, our intention is to get it out there as much as possible.”

Before the Usem’s start accepting reservations for the mobile sauna, they are testing out the new addition at the upcoming Sauna Days Festival in Two Harbors on May 5-7. However, they have an inquiry form on their website for interested individuals to learn more. The Usem’s said they have received nearly 30 inquiries since announcing the exciting news. 

“We’re really excited,” Sam Usem said. He added this is just another step, and they look forward to expanding on the vision they started with many years ago. 

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with Katie and Sam Usem about the new mobile sauna addition to their business. Audio from the interview is below.