Cook County courthouse - Photo by Rhonda Silence
Rhonda Silence

Sixth Judicial District seeks resolution for citizens with outstanding warrants

The Minnesota Sixth Judicial Branch is holding a “Virtual Warrant Resolution Event” on Tuesday, February 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The event is being held to simplify the process of resolving an outstanding warrant, with the goal of helping people avoid being arrested or detained for having an outstanding warrant.

WTIP spoke with Nora Huxtable of Grand Marais, an assistant public defender in the Sixth Judicial District, which includes Cook County, about this event. She noted that sometimes a warrant can result from something as simple as having an address change and missing an important notification.

Huxtable said regardless of the reason, it is not good for a person to have the concerns of a warrant hanging over their head. It is also not good for the court system as it creates a backlog. Huxtable said at the event, local justice partners will make their best efforts to resolve an individual’s case or cases during the event.

Logging into this event online will be the same as appearing at such an event in person at the Cook County courthouse. To log in, use this Zoom link.

Huxtable said that anyone wanting to take part should download Zoom onto their computer or device ahead of time for best results.

Anyone who wants to take part, but has questions may call 218-733-1027

Huxtable said she is not sure how many people are eligible to have warrants resolved, but she added that these events are intended to help people get their cases back on track, but also to reduce the backlog of cases that are on hold. She said if they help someone and help reduce that backlog, the event would be “a resounding success.”

“Even if there is one person in the listening area we can help, we’re happy to help that person,” said Huxtable.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Assistant Public Defender Nora Huxtable to learn more.