Skraba reflects on local concerns, legislative priorities
Minnesota House of Representatives

Skraba reflects on local concerns, legislative priorities

Minnesota House of Representatives District 3A is the state’s largest district by area, though it is comprised of small, rural communities. The district has been represented by Roger Skraba since January of 2023.

Following the legislative day in Grand Portage, Skraba spoke to WTIP about his experience meeting with local leaders, and about how he takes the concerns raised in communities across his district to the state legislature. Skraba said that he was struck by the way that leaders and organizations in small communities must consider how they are able to problem solve from within, since the isolation of rural areas means that residents have to help each other.

Both during the legislative day and in speaking to WTIP, Skraba raised the question of how state government fits into communities. He said that he prefers allowing local leaders to make the decisions on how money is spent, reducing the mandates around state funding. He said, “I think our role is, as in the way I want to govern, I’d rather give you the checkbook, and you know how to spend the money, right? Here’s your dollars, spend it on this, this, and that, rather than me, telling you how I want you to spend it.”

So far during the legislative session Skraba has worked on legislation supporting rural EMS systems and securing funding for Cook County Higher Education and the North Shore Waste transfer station, among other larger state issues. He said that during the legislative day, several local leaders identified mental health services as a major priority, and Skraba told WTIP that addressing that concern was the type of effort that would require state legislators to reach across party lines.

WTIP’s Kirsten Wisniewski spoke with State Representative Roger Skraba about his experience meeting the local leaders at the legislative day in Grand Portage, and about how his legislative priorities so far this session impact Cook County. Audio form that interview is below.