Speeding motorists continue to raise concerns on the Gunflint Trail
WTIP file photo

Speeding motorists continue to raise concerns on the Gunflint Trail

Speeding motorists on the Gunflint Trail continues to be a talking point for some community members as August arrives, with concerns being shared to various county officials throughout the summer.

“We’ve been getting calls from folks concerned about people speeding in the Mid-Gunflint area and some people wanting more signs,” said Cook County Highway Engineer Robbie Hass. “Which flies in the face, to an extent, of the historic and scenic nature of the road and in general we are trying to reduce signs on the road.”

People driving too fast on the Gunflint Trail has been a publicly discussed issue in recent months following reports of moose being struck and killed on the popular roadway. The 56-mile Gunflint Trail starts in Grand Marais and ends near Seagull and Saganaga lakes on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Many of the complaints of speeding motorists are concentrated on a 40-mph zone that stretches 2.5 miles from near the start of Hungry Jack Road near Trail Center to the far entrance of Rockwood Lodge. Cook County officials told WTIP earlier this summer this stretch of the Gunflint has traditionally been a problem area in terms of motorists speeding.

During a live WTIP interview Aug. 1, Hass, along with Cook County Highway Technician Josh Dix, said the goal of the local highway department is to balance the wilderness experience of the Gunflint while still providing a safe road to travel. Audio below.

Other topics discussed during the interview include an update on the Pike Lake Road reconstruction project and various bridge repairs throughout the county this summer.