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Spring planting to begin soon at North Shore Health Serenity Garden

Last fall, work began on a Serenity Garden at North Shore Health. The garden is intended to be "a peaceful space in nature for reflection and healing." A lot was accomplished last fall, and there is a lot more to come. See the previous WTIP story here: Work is underway at Serenity Garden at North Shore Health 
The fall work was the start of improving the barren space between the hospital and a care center wing. It included the "hardscape" of the garden, a sidewalk and brick-walled seating area, and more. This spring, W Labor will be returning to do some sculpturing of the landscape, adding soil and creating some berms in preparation for the plantings that will be taking place. 
Two benches, designed by Dave Seaton, will also be installed this year. The Cook County Chamber's Great Place Project helped fund the creation of one bench. The benches will be constructed with a rock base, similar to the bench near the fountain in front of the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. 
There are still opportunities for the public to help create the Serenity Garden.  People can take part in the "Pave the Way" project, which gives the public the chance to purchase a paver to engrave with a special message. The message can be a memorial or an honorarium or a meaningful statement. To purchase a personalized paving brick for the Serenity Garden, click here. 

More information is also available from Gerry Grant at 218-387-4493. 

Plantings are also needed. Anyone who would like to purchase a tree, shrub, or some flowers is encouraged to donate. And people with their own flower gardens who would like to provide plants are encouraged to do so. Planners have created a list of perennials they would like to have to keep the Serenity Garden blooming through the seasons. Anyone who would like to learn more about donating plants may contact Nancy Koloski at 218-663-0147 or by email to 
There are other ways to help. Volunteers will be needed to tend the garden once it is in place. There are a few volunteers already who want to visit to water and weed the plantings. But more are welcome. 
A mailing list has been created for anyone who wants to follow the progress on the Serenity Garden. If you would like to join the list and become a Serenity Garden friend, contact Mary Sanders at 218-387-1729 or email 
WTIP's Rhonda Silence spoke with Serenity Garden volunteers Nancy Koloski and Mary Sanders to learn about all this and more.