Summer trips: biking through Bentonville
Anne Mundell
Community Voices

Summer trips: biking through Bentonville

Story by Ezme Mundell – youth volunteer for WTIP

I just went on a trip to Bentonville, AR, are you jealous?

Bentonville is the town to go to if you love mountain biking! There are bike trails fit for any age, I mostly stayed on green and blue trails and I am 11 years old. The trails are rated green, blue, black, and even double black diamond. There are some bike parks nearby that my family and I enjoyed trying out, these bike parks have a whole new experience like different obstacles you might be seeing on the trails. The bike parks really help with kids and adults just learning mountain biking, they helped me with switchbacks and sharp curves.

Bentonville offers not just biking but the opportunity to swim, eat out at food trucks, and even try Trash ice cream! Trash ice cream is located in downtown Bentonville and has some delicious, funky soft-serve ice cream with tons of mix-ins. I would recommend going there, My family and I had an awesome time!