The Grand Marais Lions Club welcomes new members
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The Grand Marais Lions Club welcomes new members

The iconic bright yellow vests speckled with community buttons will be worn by six new Grand Marais Lions Club members this year.

Their names are Jennifer Lee, Todd Smith, Cory Pedersen, Parker Slanga, Cassidy Gecas, and Nolan Olsen. 

They join long-time members Millie and Bob Spry, Gene Erickson, and many more. 

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with some new members to learn why they decided to join the venerable Lions Club and how they see themselves contributing to the Grand Marais community. 

New member Todd Smith explained that while the Lions Club plays an integral role in hosting Fisherman’s Picnic each August, the club contributes to the community in many other ways. 

“They do a lot of good and contribute to a lot of causes around the county,” Smith said. 

After moving back home to Grand Marais, Cory Pederson said he had two things on his list. First, buy a sailboat, and second, get involved in the community. Pederson said, “I like the idea of trying to give back to my community.”  He also shared that he purchased a sailboat. 

While Jennifer Lee is a new resident to Grand Marais, she has been visiting her family on the north shore for many years. Lee shared that the inspiration for joining the Lions Club stemmed from her mother. 

“My mom has been a member of the Lions Club for the majority of my life.” Lee said. 

Lee said that when she has come to visit Grand Marais, she has witnessed the meaningful activities and events her mother has been involved in. It was one of the reasons why she decided to join the club.

With over 40 years of dedication to the Grand Marais Lions Club, Bob Spry shared his thoughts on the younger generation stepping up to give back to the community. 

“I think this will make it a more fun organization.” He adds, “They have new ideas, and it’s going to be great, I think.”

Spry is looking forward to the summer ahead, with many new members eagerly willing to help the community. WTIP will keep in touch with the Lions Club as the annual Fisherman’s Picnic nears to stay updated on the fun August festivities. 

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with some of the new Grand Marais Lions Club members to learn more about what inspired them to give back to their community. Audio below.