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Ty Backlund talks about being a Minnesota permit to carry instructor

Ty Backlund of Grand Marais is a certified Minnesota permit to carry instructor. He offers monthly classes in Cook County for those interested in obtaining a permit to carry. WTIP reached out to Backlund to learn more about his background and training for teaching these classes—and what attendees can expect to learn.

Backlund graduated from Cook County High School in 2009 and joined the U.S. Army immediately, at 17 years old. He attended the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School. He spent 2011 serving in Afghanistan. He worked for a while as a police officer in Mesa, Arizona, an area known unfortunately for its high crime rate. He became a field training officer. He said he really likes teaching. And that is one reason he became a Minnesota Permit-to-Carry instructor.

Backlund shared what course participants go through, including some intense discussion about the legalities and responsibility of carrying a firearm. The class also includes a hands-on portion in which the student must show they know how to safely load, fire, and unload a weapon.

WTIP also asked Backlund if he addresses current events, such as the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Backlund said yes, he will talk to people about sensational cases like that but notes that things like that are not likely to occur to the average gun owner. He said more likely situations are when things get out of control, for example in a dispute between neighbors. He said he tries to get attendees in his course to understand that and stresses the need to “kill your ego.”

WTIP also asked Backlund for his thoughts on the recent arrest of the parents of the teen involved in the Oxford School shooting in Michigan. Backlund said their arrest is justified under Michigan law. He said Minnesota has a similar law. He said as a firearm owner, you are responsible for securing your firearm and keeping it out of the hands of children, no matter their age. That is something else he stresses in his course.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence learned more in this interview with Ty Backlund.