WTIP Staff

Hjordis and U of Minnesota Crew Launch the Gitchigami Glider

At the end of June, WTIP shared news of the University of MN’s Large Lakes Observatory and the underwater glider it uses to study Lake Superior. In this video we see the crew of the North House Folk School’s schooner Hjordis which assisted Large Lakes Observatory Professor Jay Austin with the launch.  It was a successful launch and the glider was working properly for a few days.

The mission of the glider is to send data on Lake Superior back to the LLO, which it has done for more than a decade. The first story on the launching can be heard here.

Sadly, the university has lost contact with the glider. Efforts have been made to find it, but since it can only transmit when it is on the surface, it may never be found. WTIP checked in with Professor Jay Austin of the LLO to learn more.

In the meantime, to see data collected by the university’s weather buoys, visit the UMD website.