Vaughn Swindlehurst receives $2500 scholarship and Jordan Ekroot receives $1500 grant from Arrowhead Eagles
Kalli Hawkins

Vaughn Swindlehurst receives $2500 scholarship and Jordan Ekroot receives $1500 grant from Arrowhead Eagles

The Arrowhead Eagles is a non-profit aviation organization formed over five years ago to help engage volunteers and raise money for scholarships for individuals interested in pursuing an aviation career or pilot’s license. 

Since its formation, the organization has given away multiple scholarships and involved a dedicated volunteer group. In 2022, the Arrowhead Eagles awarded a $2,500 scholarship to Amy Kloster as she pursued her private pilot’s license. 

During the 2023 Arrowhead Eagles annual meeting at Skyport Lodge on May 13, another aspiring young pilot in Cook County received a $2500 scholarship. 

Of the four scholarship applicants, the Arrowhead Eagles awarded Von Swindlehurst with the $2500 scholarship for 2023. 

Swindlehurst is a recent Cook County graduate who worked at the Grand Marais/Cook County airport during the summer of 2022. He is returning to work at the airport this summer and continues pursuing his pilot’s license. 

“He had a very good application,” Mike Raymond, president of the Arrowhead Eagles, said. “We’re excited to have him and watch him develop the airport and hopefully become a private pilot this summer.” 

In addition to the $2500 scholarship, the Arrowhead Eagles awarded $1500 to Jordan Ekroot as he is pursuing his transitional rating. Ekroot is a helicopter pilot but has been working towards his fixed-wing rating. A fixed-wing rating requires a minimum of 30 flight hours. 

Raymond said he thought Ekroot was a worthy candidate, and the Arrowhead Eagles wanted to help him achieve his fixed-wing rating. “We thought we’d help him since he’s displayed such an effort on his own already.”

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with Mike Raymond, the president of the Arrowhead Eagles, about the 2023 scholarship and grants and for an overview of the May 13 annual meeting. Audio from the interview is below.