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Working to build workforce housing: Matt Groth of Grand Marais Construction

If you type “housing” in the search bar on the WTIP website, hundreds of archived stories will pop up. Housing has been a topic of discussion in board meetings of every branch of local government for decades. It seems we all know someone who wants to live and work in Cook County, but can’t find a home.

As government entities consider ways to help create housing—through zoning changes, possible tax breaks for developers, and the establishment of a Housing Redevelopment Authority—there are small projects happening now.

Some community members have seen the need for housing and have done something about it. WTIP is reaching out to some of these builders and developers to learn more about some small projects that have been done.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence asks for their definition of affordability. What are the obstacles to building housing? What has been helpful? Once a week we’ll share what we’ve learned.

Here’s the first in this series featuring Matt Groth of Grand Marais Construction.

Click here to see trusses being set in the Grand Marais Construction duplex.

Click here to see the nearly completed duplex.