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WTIP hosts April 25 ‘Single-Payer Minnesota Health Plan’ community conversation
Office of Senator John Marty
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WTIP hosts April 25 ‘Single-Payer Minnesota Health Plan’ community conversation

On Thursday, April 25, WTIP Community Radio hosted a community conversation about the Single Payer Minnesota Health Plan. 

WTIP contributor Kimberly Soenen facilitated the special hour-long conversation, which featured two guests: Senator John Marty and Rose Roach. 

The conversation explored the proposed Minnesota Single-Payer Health Plan and how it would benefit the residents, business owners, and seasonal workers in Cook County. 

Senator Marty has long supported efforts to provide healthcare coverage for Minnesota residents, including Minnesota Care and the Affordable Care Act in Washington. He authored the proposed Minnesota Health Plan (S.F. 2740) to cover everyone’s medical needs, including dental, prescription drugs, vision and hearing care, mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, home care services, and nursing home care. Patients would choose their doctors, and there would be no co-pays, deductibles, or other barriers to care.

The second guest is Rose Roach, the former director of the Minnesota Nurses Association and currently the National Coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer.

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with Kimberly Soenen prior to the April 25 community conversation. The audio from the interview is below.

The full special one-hour long ‘Single Payer Minnesota Health Plan’ conversation with Senator John Marty and Rose Roach is below.