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WTIP speaks with Minnesota state auditor ahead of primary election day

Many WTIP listeners and Cook County residents think of one name when they hear the words auditor and government: Braidy Powers.

Powers has been the Cook County auditor-treasurer for many years and is a voice heard often during WTIP’s news programming.

And while Powers is the most recognizable name when ‘auditor’ is mentioned, Minnesota State Auditor Julie Blaha recently spoke with WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs about a variety of issues relevant to life in Cook County. Among the topics covered in their discussion are how local governments are audited by the state, if and when local school districts will be audited by the state, a new report on lobbying expenditures in local government and the statewide mask mandate.

In addition to being the state auditor, Blaha is a member of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s executive council. This interview, which debuted Aug. 10, is her first time appearing on WTIP.