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Magnetic North

Vicki with her angora rabbit, Peaches

Vicki Biggs-Anderson
Vicki lives  on a 100-year-old homestead in Colvill that she and her late husband, Paul moved to from the Twin Cities 23 years ago.
She shares this special place with five cashmere and milk goats,  a dozen-plus laying hens, three talkative geese an assortment of wild and domestic ducks, six angora rabbits, a house cat , a yellow Lab and a rescue retriever/kangaroo and one very spoiled Bourbon Red turkey.
When not feeding, chasing or changing "sheets" for all of the above, Vicki writes, volunteers, knits, wanders the woods, balances rocks and, "when a fit of discipline strikes," dives into her decade of weekly columns for the old News-Herald in search of a book or screenplay or, more like, a sit-com.  Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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What's On:

Magnetic North Nov. 24, 2009: Thanks given for all things

Welcome back to Magnetic North just as many are either coming or going in search of family and feast or both.


Magnetic North Nov. 12, 2009: Good Karma/Bad Karma

Fall. Apples. Hunting. And things that go “bump!” in the night. All combined at our little farm this past month. For good and for not so good.


Magnetic North Nov. 4, 2009: Chicken calendars and other fowl weather tales

Welcome back to Magnetic North where the gales of November seem to be giving us a break, at least for the moment. Fifty degrees due this weekend and the cattails around the pond have barely begun to pop.


Magnetic North Oct. 7, 2009: Harvesting the Wind

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where gatherers like me are having as much fun as the hunters this fall.
The infamous big bad wolf winds of late September robbed us of electricity and phone service for hours and days on end. But they gave more than they took away. At least the way I keep score.

Baby goats

Magnetic North Sept. 16, 2009: Can't Beat 'Em? Eat Em!

Welcome to Magnetic North where we have apparently run out of trees to hug and are now into embracing noxious weeds.


Magnetic North Sept. 9, 2009: Life Lessons From A Goose

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where we learn lessons both bitter and sweet from Mother Nature. Or, as she is known best in Northern Minnesota, Mommy Dearest.


Magnetic North Sept. 2, 2009: Dreams That Feed the Soul

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where preparations for winter are underway.

Loading Hay

Magnetic North August 19, 2009: Harvesting Before Summer Comes

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where harvest started before summer did this year. I think most would agree with me that the first dog days of summer came not in July, but in early August.


Magnetic North August 5, 2009: Tripping the Shore

Welcome back to Magnetic North. Far from the madding crowd, and just about everyplace else. 

Animals in pasture

Magnetic North July 29, 2009: Poetic Antidote to Colvill Cat Fever

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where my six goats, one llama, eight rabbits and heavens knows how many feathered creatures live in blissful ignorance.