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Kalli Hawkins

WTIP Outdoor News Podcast

WTIP shares a variety of outdoor news content from the region, including Lake Superior, Isle Royale and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. From fishing and hunting to environmental issues, this locally-produced podcast covers important outdoor news relevant to the radio station’s broad community of listeners.

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July 4, 2022
DNR Halts Lake Trout Stocking in Cook County

Lake trout in Cook County are on their own when it comes to sustaining their populations on lakes in or near the Boundary Waters and Gunflint Trail corridor.

A recent decision by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to discontinue – at least temporarily – lake trout stocking is both a success story and an indication into how hard it can be to reintroduce fish species into area lakes once they vanish.

Matt Weberg, the interim Grand Marais area fisheries supervisor in Grand Marais, shares more on this topic in today’s episode.

Kalli and Joe also talk about recent mountain lion sightings near the Cascade River and Lake Superior.

June 24, 2022
Superior Hiking Trail Outdoor News Podcast

The Superior Hiking Trail is a 300-mile pathway leading from the Duluth area to the Canadian border, following the rugged Lake Superior coastline along Minnesota’s North Shore.

In this episode of the WTIP Outdoor News Podcast, Kalli Hawkins talks with hikers on the SHT near Grand Marais, Minn., and the Devil Track River area. Thousands of hikers from all over the country hike the SHT annually. In this report, Kalli speaks with a collection of them as summer arrives to the North Shore.

June 23, 2022
Lake Superior Fishing and Border Route Trail update

Commercial fishing on Lake Superior is a centuries-old practice that includes Isle Royale, Grand Marais, Duluth and nearly every corner of the massive freshwater lake. The industry, however, sometimes raises the eyebrows of common sport anglers. In this episode of the podcast, we hear from Cory Goldsworthy, the Lake Superior Area Fisheries Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about the balance of sport and commercial fishing on Lake Superior.

We also hear an update on the Border Route Trail after a tornado blew a collection of massive pine onto the trail in October 2021. In May 2022, trail crews used handsaws to clear the trail.

June 23, 2022
Learning about the Outdoor News Podcast

In this opening segment of WTIP’s Outdoor News Podcast, we hear from hosts Kalli Hawkins and Joe Friedrichs. The installment comes from the banks of the Cascade River along Minnesota’s North Shore, not far from where the river flows into Lake Superior.

Kalli and Joe share their stories and background in reporting outdoor news near Lake Superior, the Boundary Waters and the many trails zigzagging around the region.