Best of Ourselves

Marcia Hyatt

Marcia Hyatt

Marcia Hyatt is a leadership and life coach who provides a weekly feature on WTIP's North Shore Weekend titled "The Best of Ourselves," which explores how we can be resilient and creative in these turbulent times.  Each week, the feature explores what we can do to be intentional, creative and joyful in our lives. 


What's On:

Gratitude: Expressions

How do we express more gratitude and appreciation to those around us? Marcia Hyatt explores this question on this edition of the Best of Ourselves.


Growing Gratefulness

November the show focuses on gratitude.  This segment explores how to be more grateful for what we already have.


The Neuroscience of Change

Looking what really leads to change. Looking at the brain and psychological research combined. Based on the work of Dr. Jeffery Schwartz and David Rock.


Complaints to Commitments

Transforming a complaint into self awareness. A reflection based on the book "Changing the Way We Talk to Change the Way We Work" by Kegan and Lahey.


Reflection On A Gratitude Practice

Reflection on a week of gratitude practices.


Getting Real

Getting Real.  What stops me from fully showing my colors?


Letting Go?

When to let go and when to hold on?


Civil Conversations

How do we have civil conversation when we see things differently?



Facing the “black dog” of depression.