Points North

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich writes a weekly column on conservation and the outdoors for Minnesota Outdoor News. He owns Northern Wilds Media, Inc., a publishing company located in Grand Marais and is the author of eight books. He lives in Hovland with his partner Vikki and two dogs. His commentary, Points North, airs on WTIP every Friday morning between 7-8 and Saturdays on North Shore Weekend between 7-10 a.m. You can also subscribe on our Points North podcast.


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Points North: Deer hunting Is More About Living Than Killing

 My father had a wry observation about deer hunting.


Points North: On the Plains, Human Encounters Are Few, But Memorable

 On the western plains, most everything seems temporary or transient. All that has permanence is the grass. Plow it up and even the dirt blows away.


Sharp-Tailed Grouse

Points North: As Goes The Grouse Hunter, So Goes The Hunting

 On a sunny Sunday afternoon in October, you don't expect to be alone when you go for a drive along North Shore


Points North: Important Moose Questions Remain Unanswered

 If Minnesota moose are declining due to a warming climate, why are they still sighted with some regularity at the very southern edge of their range in the state, in places like southern Itasca,


Points North: Troubled Waters

 The University of Minnesota made headlines recently when officials withheld the premiere screening of “Troubled Waters,” a new documentary chronicling the effects of agriculture and


Points North: Irony Amidst Beauty Along Autumn Byways

 One word describes autumn color on the North Shore this year—extraordinary. Perfect summer weather extended into September, when just enough rain fell to replenish the thirsty forest.


Points North: Walking Into A New Hunting Season

 Early grouse hunting ought to be easy, but it never is for me. With a strong desire to see birds, not people, I generally go off the beaten path—or any path at all.


Points North: Seeing Both Sides Of The Ely Bear Debate

 It’s not often you encounter a wild animal wearing a radio collar. It’s only happened once to me.

smallmouth bass.jpg

Points North: Sometimes, The Only Good Bass Is...

The fish were really biting, but they weren’t the species we wanted to catch. We were after walleyes, which were also biting, but smallmouth bass were beating them to the bait.


Points North: Is State Conservation Spending On The Right Path?

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) recently acquired 470 acres of native prairie in northwest Minnesota’s Clay County with