Local News

Melinda and Mark Spinler tap tress for sap

Making maple syrup is a sticky business

Syrup season is in full swing on the North Shore. This year, sap in the Arrowhead ran before the rest of the state, forcing syrup produces to kick operations into high gear much earlier than usual.

Fiber optic cable

Another party heard from on local high-speed internet

The Cook County Board is on record supporting the fiber optic federal grant applications of both Arrowhead Electric Cooperative and Northeast Service Cooperative.

School lunch

ISD166 starts program to improve school lunch nutrition

Food at school. Obesity in kids. Improved nutrition for the young. All topics in the news today. It’s also a topic of discussion at Cook County Schools.

2010 Census logo

April 1st is Census Day

Thursday, April 1st is Census Day —the official reference date for the once-a-decade civic ceremony.  


Grand Portage primary election results - updated

Grand Portage held a primary election on Tuesday, March 30. There were four candidates seeking a four-year term on the Grand Portage Reservation Business Committe

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Cook County to participate in Blandin grant for high-speed internet development

In a visit to northern Minnesota this week, Minnesota’s U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar said she understands the importance of broadband internet access for rural areas.

Walmart store

"Big Box" stores and the "Buy Local" movement

In the last 25 years or so, the U.S.

Sheriff Mark Falk

Sheriff discusses on-going investigations and fire preparedness

In an interview Tuesday, Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk said an attempted break-in at the West End went badly for at least one of the perpetrators.

Ruffed grouse

Buds, birds and drumming grouse signal spring

Catkins, tiny flowers and sweet smelling Balm of Gilead are all strong signs that spring is on the way.