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A look at the Law Enforcement Log, Jan. 28 – Feb. 10

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office shared a brief report of calls made to the Cook County Law Enforcement Center from January 28 – February 10. WTIP requested more information on a number of the incidents logged by law enforcement dispatchers.

January 28
8:18 a.m. – A set of hearing aids was found and returned to the owner.
9:20 a.m. – Two empty beer cans were found in a mailbox. This is not criminal, so no further investigation will be made.
2:49 p.m. – The Sheriff’s Office assisted Cook County Probation with the collection of a DNA sample.
5:47 p.m. – A party reported a telemarketing scam calls.
7:20 p.m. – A party called for a second time, reporting that they smelled something like propane on Fifth Street near the Cook County Community Center. Deputy responded and found a smell of something decaying or rotten in the area, not gas or chemical. County maintenance will be contacted.

January 29
10:09 a.m. – A party requested that the Sheriff’s Office cooperate with the Michigan State Police about something that happened in Cook County. The sheriff’s office contacted the Michigan State Patrol and they said they did not need assistance from Cook County.
10:28 a.m. – A teacher believed there was an odor of marijuana in a classroom in the elementary school. A deputy responded and could not smell it.
10:51 a.m. – A party called to report that a vehicle door had been left open at George Washington Pines. It appears the person was out skiing and forgot to close the door. Deputy closed the door.
11:00 a.m. – A party in Hovland reported that his neighbor’s dogs run out of a driveway onto the road and he is worried that he would hit them. There is no leash law/ordinance in the county, but the dog owner was advised of the complaint.
2:00 p.m. – A trespass notice for a property in Lutsen was given to the sheriff’s office for information.
4:55 p.m. – A party reported calls from Police Defense and Police Fund. No information was given out.
10:10 p.m. – The sheriff’s office assisted a motorist on Mile Creek Road with vehicle issues.

January 30
8:53 a.m. – Cook County received a report of a 2002 Jeep Liberty in the ditch on Pike Lake Road, which had been there for about a day and a half. The registered owner was contacted and said she was working with AAA to get it pulled out. No reported injuries or charges.
9:56 a.m. – Medicine was returned to a former inmate.
10:55 a.m. – A dog was found in the woods on Devil Track Road. The dog was returned to its owner.
1:05 p.m. – A party in Grand Portage said they were contacted by somebody claiming to be from Social Security, telling them that their social security number had been discontinued. The person gave the caller their social security number and now cannot reach the caller back on the phone. The reporting person was given contact information for social security theft.
1:16 p.m. – A person who had earlier reported that her passport was lost called to report that it had been found.
4:18 p.m. – Another caller received calls from someone claiming to be from Social Security. The person did not give any information and hung up.

January 31
9:00 a.m. – A driver’s license was found in Schroeder. It was mailed back to the owner.
9:31 a.m. – A party in Hovland reported someone driving fast and recklessly through the area. A deputy made contact with the driver and the driver stated that he was not. He said he had put in a new engine and was testing it. Nothing further.
12:01 p.m. – A party found a medicine bottle with marijuana in it in a parking lot in Grand Marais. A deputy collected and destroyed it. No suspects or arrest.
2:49 p.m. – A 61-year-old driver from Elk River drove off the road and hit a tree. The driver lost consciousness for a short period of time and was transported to the hospital for evaluation. No charges pending.
6:02 p.m. – A dog ran away from its owner in Grand Marais. A deputy located the dog but could not get close enough to catch it. The owner went out looking for the dog. It is unknown if it was located.
6:07 p.m. – A party from Grand Marais backed into another vehicle in front of the liquor store. The other vehicle had Ontario plates. Vehicle owners exchanged insurance information. Damage was minor and no charges are pending.
8:29 p.m. – A party in Grand Portage reported being harassed by someone standing outside. The harasser was located and advised of the complaint and told not to go back there.

February 1
10:19 a.m. – There was a report of an injured raccoon in the road on east Highway 61. Cook County dispatched the animal.
12:46 p.m. – A Grand Marais business reported an unwanted person. A deputy made contact with the person and they were advised they were not welcome and told not to return.
4:19 p.m. – A party reported a lost driver’s license while skiing. The license was not found.
6:56 p.m. – A dog was running loose by the school and then Grand Marais Apartments. The owner was contacted and they will go find it.
8:15 p.m. – A dog was hit by a car on the Gunflint Trail. The dog was given to the owners. The outcome is not known by the sheriff’s office.
10:53 p.m. – A 2008 silver Ford Fusion went into the ditch on West Highway 61. No injuries or charges for the 26-year-old motorist.
1:07 p.m. – There was a report of another vehicle, a 1998 red Jeep Cherokee in the ditch on West Highway 61. The driver is a 27-year-old male. No injuries or charges.
11:47 p.m. – A car hit a deer on West Highway 61. No tow was necessary. No injuries or charges.

February 2
1:03 p.m. – The sheriff’s office investigated harassment charges.
2:47 p.m. – A county plow truck reported a 1997 red Chevrolet Blazer in the ditch on Country Road 14 with no one around. No contact was made with the owner.
4:30 p.m. – There was a fender bender at Marathon gas station. The drivers exchanged information. No deputy response was needed.
10:06 p.m. – The sheriff’s office assisted Minnesota State Patrol with a DWI arrest.

February 4
1:11 a.m. – A vehicle has been parked on the Arrowhead Trail for a few days. It belonged to a person who lived in the area.
6:40 a.m. – A party called the sheriff’s office asking to be transferred to Ramsey County 9-1-1.
6:43 a.m. – There was a dead deer in the road on West Highway 61. A deputy removed the deer.
7:43 a.m. – A car hit a deer on east Highway 61. No injuries to the driver, no charges and no tow needed. The deer was removed from the road.
2:27 p.m. – A party ran out of gas on West Highway 61. A deputy assisted.
3:29 p.m. – A person reported that a snowmobile has been sitting at a Grand Marais location for a few days. The party wanted to make sure it had not been stolen. The owner was having mechanical problems.
4:18 p.m. – There was a report of a vehicle partly on the roadway on West Highway 61, making it difficult for vehicles to get around. The call was transferred to the Minnesota State Patrol and a deputy assisted. The vehicle was towed away.
5:44 p.m. – A welfare check was requested for a person who was late arriving home after work. The person was located, they had to work late.
6:32 p.m. – A party called reporting yelling in Schroeder. When a sheriff deputy arrived, they learned that a child had been locked in a chicken coop, but got out. All was okay.

February 5
1:44 a.m. – A deputy saw a vehicle driving slowly around a closed business on West Highway 61. The vehicle was stopped. It was an employee checking to make sure all the lights were turned off.
7:32 a.m. – There was a report of a missing dog on West Highway 61. While on the phone with the law enforcement dispatcher, the dog returned.
8:36 a.m. – A person was given a ride from Johnson’s Grocery to the couthouse.
9:37 a.m. – Batteries were changed in a Project Lifesaver monitor.
11:08 a.m. – A deputy attempted to pick up a person with a warrant for arrest, The person was not located.
11:55 a.m. – A scheduled countywide paging test was conducted.
5:20 p.m. – The sheriff’s office received a report of a dog being mistreated. The owner left prior to the arrival of the deputy.

February 6
9:26 a.m. – The sheriff’s office investigated a drug incident.
9:41 a.m. – Batteries were changed in a Project Lifesaver monitor.
10:43 a.m. – A cleaning person of a rental property found a white powder while cleaning. The substance tested negative and was thrown away.
3:14 p.m. – A caller requested that they be transferred to the Cherokee County, Alabama, sheriff’s office.
4:03 p.m. – A landlord called to request a welfare check on a party that had not arrived. It turns out the party is not in Cook County.
5:44 p.m. – A car hit a deer on east Highway 61. There were no injuries, but the car was towed.
6:46 p.m. – A car slid off the road because of slippery conditions and hit a sign.

February 7
8:28 a.m. – A car hit a deer on West Highway 61. No injuries. The call was transferred to the Minnesota State Patrol.
9:14 a.m. – There was a two-car collision on the Ski Hill Road. There was minor damage to both vehicles, a white 2015 Toyota Rav and a blue 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. No charges.
10:26 a.m. – A party was notified that someone tried charging items to their credit card, took over their Netflix account and applied for a Lowe’s credit card. The party was not out any money, but was advised to monitor accounts.
10:41 a.m. – A person in Grand Marais lost a wallet. It is unknown if it has been found.
1:37 p.m. – Propane tanks were found missing from Lutsen Resort. No suspects, no charges.

February 8
11:47 a.m. – There was a report of a vehicle parked in violation of the Grand Marais city ordinance. A deputy determined that the vehicle was legally parked.
3:52 p.m. – There was a call of neighbor trouble in Grand Portage.
4:30 p.m. – Parties at a vacation rental reported they did not have power. Law Enforcement dispatch located the after-hours person and advised them of the problem.
4:35 p.m. – A party on Peninsula Point Trail called to report icy and treacherous road conditions. The information was passed on to the Cook County Highway Department.
5:45 p.m. – There was a dog bit incident in Grand Marais. No charges, but the dog was put down.

February 9
4:17 a.m. – A party made a suspicious activity call of two juveniles walking on the Caribou Trail. A deputy responded and was unable to locate the youths.
1:36 p.m. – A party requested a phone number for the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office.
3:32 p.m. – A party requested a welfare check for someone who had not returned phone calls for over a week. Party was found safe and sound at home. They did just not want to call the person back as they had had a disagreement.
11:52 p.m. – A person known to be on probation was seen at Grandma Ray’s in Grand Marais. Deputies located the person and passed the information on to probation to let them handle it.

February 10
1:42 p.m. – There was a report of a person driving around Grand Portage looking in vehicles. A deputy found the party. The person was just looking for somebody.
9:45 a.m. – A party found a tranquilizer rifle on the side of the road. It was returned to a biologist who advised it had fallen out of his truck while working on a moose study.
9:50 a.m. – The sheriff’s office assisted probation with transport of a person to treatment.

Other miscellaneous calls
During this time period, law enforcement also issued nine burn permits, five permits to acquire or carry a weapon and one watercraft permit (to conduct snowmobile drag races). Sheriff’s Office dispatchers also handled 11 crank or misdialed 9-1-1 call.s
There were 24 medical calls.
Deputies conducted 77 business or residence checks. There were 43 traffic stops, which included 33 reprimands, six warnings and four citations.
Deputies also participated in six Stonegarden patrols with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

If you need to contact the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, call 218-387-3040. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

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