Rhonda Silence

An update on COVID-19 and staffing at School District 166

When the School District 166 school board met on November 18, that latest case rates for COVID-19 had grown to a higher number than it has ever been. There was no discussion of removing the mask mandate at the school, but the school board members asked questions about when that could be considered.

Superintendent Chris Lindholm said the school board wants to get that criteria in place so when the time comes, the school would be ready.
The school board asked Superintendent Lindholm to invite Cook County Public Health Supervisor Grace Grinager to come to a school board meeting to help the school district with developing that matrix for loosening COVID-19 mitigation.

Board Member Stephanie Radloff asked about the quarantine protocol at the school. It seems that some people must quarantine for a longer time. Lindholm agreed, noting that the length of quarantine depends on the closeness of a COVID-19 positive, as well as the duration. Lindholm said Principal Megan Myers does most of that work, looking at class rosters, bus riders and video, to see if there are students who need to quarantine.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Lindholm about COVID-19 amongst staff and about the possibility for vaccine mandates for teachers and more in this interview. Lindholm said that decision is in the court right now and said OSHA will eventually make a ruling. However, Lindholm said compliance among staff has been good and he expressed appreciation to school staff for doing their part.

In addition to giving an update on COVID-19, the superintendent spoke about the school’s early intervention services and equity program, about the hiring of Dean of Student Sarah LaKosky and more.
Here’s their conversation.