Inside Jackson's Cafe' - courtesy of the Cook County Historical Society
Traveling the Old North Shore

Traveling the Old North Shore – Downtown Grand Marais

Downtown Grand Marais has had many changes through the decades. Producer Martha Marnocha explores a bit of downtown history with help from two long-time residents: Butch Schulte and Sherrie Lindskog.

They share memories of when Santa visited the Shore Theater, North Shore Fish and Freight, Cherry’s Bakery, Jackson’s Cafe’ and other downtown businesses.

Additional credit to Eugene Glader’s Downtown Grand Marais, Volumes 1 and 2, and the Cook County Historical Society archives.

When Santa flew an airplane into the Shore Theater in downtown Grand Marais.


North Shore Fish and Freight in flood conditions, located where the Cook County Co Op is now, in downtown Grand Marais

Frank Cherry’s Bakery, 1934, the location of what is now Superior Creamery