Arrowhead Animal Rescue continues fundraising for new shelter and hosts upcoming animal adoption event
Arrowhead Animal Rescue

Arrowhead Animal Rescue continues fundraising for new shelter and hosts upcoming animal adoption event

Fundraising efforts continue as Arrowhead Animal Rescue remains hopeful for the construction of a new animal shelter in the spring of 2024. 

The need for a new animal shelter has been on—and off—the Grand Marais city council’s agenda since at least 2018, when it was determined that the former shelter, a small cinderblock building on the waterfront at the Grand Marais Recreation Park, needed to be removed to make way for improvements to the boat launch.

The former animal shelter was officially removed from the recreation park in 2021. Since then, lost or surrendered pets have been temporarily housed in the Cook County Law Enforcement Center garage or placed in willing volunteers’ foster homes. 

“We have animals spread out around various foster homes,” said Jessica Burks, a volunteer with the Arrowhead Animal Rescue. “That’s how we’re caring for animals at this time.”

Burks said the non-profit organization is continuing with fundraising efforts as instructed by the city. 

“We have assured them that that is the continued focus we wanted from them,” Grand Marais Mayor Tracy Benson said in a recent interview with WTIP. 

Individuals from Arrowhead Animal Rescue met with City Administrator Mike Roth in recent weeks to discuss the current status of the anticipated animal shelter and plans for the coming spring. “We’re going to take care of the building part. We want them to take care of the fundraising,” Benson said. 

Benson said the city is exploring a building similar to the temporary structures that Great Expectations School has used for classrooms for the new animal shelter. “We’re going to go look and see if that might be a feasible option to use a building like that.”

Benson said the city will look at hiring a contractor to review building plans and various options and will continue conversations this winter. 

“We’re still working towards that goal to hopefully be able to meet that need in the community soon to continue to help care for animals in need,” Burks said. 

Coming up next weekend, on Oct. 14, Arrowhead Animal Rescue is hosting an animal adoption event to try and find homes for the 22 animals currently in foster care. 

“We’re currently fostering ten adult cats and ten kittens,” Burks said. “We also have two dogs in our program that are looking for homes.”

The event will be held at The Hub in Grand Marais from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; all are welcome to stop by. Burks said she looks forward to having a location for the public and interested pet adopters to see and interact with the animals. 

WTIP spoke with Jessica Burks with the Arrowhead Animal Rescue about an update on the animal shelter and about the upcoming adoption event. Audio below.