Arrowhead Cooperative members approve extending term limits for board of directors
Kalli Hawkins

Arrowhead Cooperative members approve extending term limits for board of directors

The Arrowhead Cooperative, a local electric and utility organization, held its annual meeting on Saturday, June 4, at the Cook County High School Gymnasium.

Following the early morning pancake breakfast, Arrowhead officials provided a review of 2021 and an update on current initiatives. In addition, Arrowhead provided the results of the election of directors and changes to the bylaws. 

Arrowhead Cooperative members could vote by submitting a ballot during or before the organization’s annual meeting on Saturday, June 4.

The Arrowhead Electric Cooperative’s board is made up of seven members. Each director serves a term of three years and can serve a maximum of four terms.

However, the proposed changes to the bylaws presented on the ballot allowed board members to extend their term limits to six terms. 

In explaining why they would like to extend how long members can serve on the board, the directors suggest that “rapid changes in the energy industry and increased demands of directors require board members to have extensive knowledge and certifications. Increasing terms provide sufficient time to onboard new directors, complete in-depth training and education courses, and allow (Arrowhead) to benefit from board member training and experience.”

Arrowhead Cooperative members voted on the changes to the bylaws. The results of the ballots cast were announced at the June 4 annual meeting. 

The approval of the changes to the bylaws passed with 282 in favor and 96 opposed. 

In other news, a new board member in district 6 was elected, Sharon-Hexum Platzer. Platzer defeated Tom Rider, 194 to 177. 

WTIP attended the Arrowhead Cooperative annual meeting and will follow up with the board members in the coming weeks. 

An audio overview of the meeting is below.