Rhonda Silence

County Auditor talks mail ballots and election security

A reminder went out to postal customers last week, reminding anyone voting by mail-in ballot to allow plenty of time for their ballot to make it to its destination and be counted.

Cook County has been conducting mail balloting for most of the county since 1997, so it is fairly routine for many local voters.

However, for citizens of Grand Marais precincts, there have been polling places open on election day, at the Cook County courthouse and at the Cook County Community Center. That is still an option for the November 3, 2020 election day. However, anyone who would rather not vote in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mail also vote by mail ballot. They simply have to apply to receive a mail ballot.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence spoke with Auditor Braidy Powers, who oversees the elections here in Cook County and he said his office has received more requests for mail ballots than ever before.

For that reason, WTIP reached out to Auditor Powers, to talk about the need to return those mail ballots in time.

WTIP also asked Powers for his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s comments at a recent rally suggesting that people vote twice to test the system. Powers urges voters not to do so, noting that to try to vote more than once is a felony.

WTIP also asked Powers about the president’s advice that voters go to the polls and ask to see if their ballot was received and counted. Powers said citizens can do that, but he added that his office would prefer a phone call. The phone number for the auditor’s office is 218-387-3640.

Powers said in Minnesota, voters can also track their ballot online at MNvotes.org.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence talked about all this with Auditor Braidy Powers in this interview.