WTIP Staff

The Otterpod

Welcome to season 2 of the OtterPod, the podcast where kids discuss real-world problems and what we can do to solve them. In season 1, we covered some of the planet’s biggest issues, such as human overconsumption, mental health, the wealth gap, intersectionality, and more. In season 2 we’re zooming in to cover issues that kids like us deal with every day. With a rotating group of hosts from the 7th/8th-grade class at GES, we have discussions ​about ​teen ​mental ​health, ​slut ​shaming ​and ​double ​standards, ​body dysmorphia, ​eating ​disorders, ​and ​more. This podcast was created in collaboration with WTIP and Great Expectations Charter School in Grand Marais, Minnesota.