Points North

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich writes a weekly column on conservation and the outdoors for Minnesota Outdoor News. He owns Northern Wilds Media, Inc., a publishing company located in Grand Marais and is the author of eight books. He lives in Hovland with his partner Vikki and two dogs. His commentary, Points North, airs on WTIP every Friday morning between 7-8 and Saturdays on North Shore Weekend between 7-10 a.m. You can also subscribe on our Points North podcast.


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Gray Wolf

Points North: How Many Wolves Are Too Many?

Along the North Shore, you never know when or where you may encounter a wolf.  Driving through Temperance River State Park on Highway 61 recently, I saw a wolf in the roadside parking lot.&n


Points North: Latest Game and Fish bill sets new low

When I was a kid growing up in Duluth, we often went fishing at Fish Lake, a Minnesota Power reservoir located just outside of town.

A Northern Minnesota lake

Points North: How's the fishin? Don't ask the fish...or the ducks

A recent press release from the Minnesota DNR was a head-scratcher.

Wild Turkey

Points North: Wild Turkeys Evade Hunters; Mountain Lions Not to Blame

When you are hunting in new country, it’s wise to tag along with a local hunter to learn the lay of the land.

Photo of the Ham Lake Fire

Points North: Lack of rain bad for trout, good for fire

Parked on our property is a lonely Airstream trailer.

Spring on the North Shore

Points North: There and back on a springtime expedition

"Let's pack a lunch and go on an expedition tomorrow," I told Vikki last Saturday.

"Where are you taking me?" was all she asked.


Points North: Minnesota Wildlife Habitat: Rent or Buy?

When you are young and getting started in the world, one of your first challenges is deciding whether to own or rent a place to live.

Moose numbers continue to decline in the Arrowhead

Points North: No moose hunt app for this Minnesotan

I'm not applying for a Minnesota moose permit this year.

Steelhead, photo from wikimedia commons

Points North: Strange Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead began running in North Shore rivers nearly a month ahead of schedule. If the rivers get much dryer, they’ll have to walk rather than swim upstream to reach their spawning grounds.