Rhonda Silence

A look at the February law enforcement log

Throughout the month the Cook County Sheriff’s Office provides a brief summary of calls made to the law enforcement center. Calls range from fraud reports and parking problems to car crashes and fires. WTIP Community Radio asked for more information on many of the calls. Here’s a look at the February 2021 log.

February 2, 2021
1:04 a.m. A call came from a John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon checkpoint in Grand Portage. A tow is needed for a one-ton pickup with a camper. North Coast Towing responded.
7:56 a.m. A female called to report a vehicle on its side at Three Bridges Road. It was determined the caller was in St. Louis County.
11:01 a.m. A field sobriety test (PBT) was administered to a party on the Gunflint Trail.
11:42 a.m. A caller reported a man walking in the middle of the road in Grand Marais who seemed “out of it.” The party was stopping cars and asking for money for cigarettes. A deputy located that man and assisted him in getting home. Cook County Public Health was notified.
12:34 p.m. A party in Grand Marais reported a possible fraud call from AT&T, claiming to want to change the satellite dish for their TV. The party wanted to know if it was a scam. The party was advised to call AT&T customer support to see if it is a legitimate call. The caller was also advised to only call 911 for emergencies. Cook County said 218-387-3030 can be used for non-emergency questions.
7:15 p.m. A caller in Grand Marais reported the sound of a single gunshot. A deputy said there was a strong odor of fireworks in the area. The deputy spoke to people in nearby residences, they denied shooting off fireworks.

February 3
8:37 a.m. A party called to report a gold truck with a small snowmobile trailer parked on Trout Lake Road. It isn’t blocking the road, but the caller thought it is weird that they are parked there. They think someone might be poaching. A deputy checked the vehicle. It is parked next to a snowmobile trail that goes to Trout Lake. It looks like the person is snowmobiling.
8:53 a.m. A caller reported that a Toyota Rav4 had been parked on Mile Creek Road for the last two nights. The caller wanted to make sure whoever parked it there was safe. The sheriff’s office checked with the registered owner who said his son was on a camping trip. He is well-equipped for the weather and an experienced hiker/camper. The reporting party was informed.
10:34 a.m. A party came into the law enforcement center for a PBT.
11:55 a.m. A countywide test page was conducted. The backup system did not work. The county IT department and communications were contacted.
12:30 p.m. An SOS beacon device emergency signal was received from the Bearskin Lake area. Cook County checked to see if the party was at Bearskin Lodge and they were not. The GPS signal came back to the Beaver dam trail main loop ski trail between Rudy Lake and Ruby Lake. Gunflint Fire Department and Cook County Ambulance were paged. A snowmobile and side-by-side were dispatched. The party was found walking out, they have a dislocated shoulder. They will be transported in a private vehicle to the hospital.
5:30 p.m. A motorist from Lindstrom, Minnesota, in a Ford Focus, hit a deer on West Highway 61. The car is driveable, but the right front headlight is out. The deer is dead in the ditch. A party from Tofte called for a possession tag.

February 4
7:11 a.m. A driver called to say they had gone off the road on Highway 7 in Finland. The airbags went off. The caller was transferred to Lake County.
8:11 a.m. The hospital called to request vehicle information so they could find the owner of a car that needs to be moved for snow removal.
11:06 a.m. The hospital called for owner information for a car that had been in the parking lot for a few days. The party was contacted and told to move the car.
11:48 a.m. A party in Grand Marais reported receiving an unwanted phone call. They blocked the phone number. Cook County said if the party contacts them again they can file for a no-contact order.
1:47 p.m. A caller said they have been trying to reach U.S. Customs for a week and can’t get through. Cook County contacted the Border Patrol who said Customs phones were out of service until the end of the week. They shared a temporary number that can be used in the meantime.
3:26 p.m. A motorist reported hitting a moose two or three miles north of Trout Lake Road. There were no injuries and the moose ran off into the woods. The car is a rental vehicle. Its headlights, windshield, and front end are smashed. Cook County Towing assisted.
3:50 p.m. A U.S. Forest Service officer requested information on a vehicle.
4:39 p.m. A party who had visited Farther Baraga Cross in Schroeder called to report a metal spike in the ground about three feet to the right of the cross. The party is concerned that someone might trip and fall down the river bank. The sheriff’s office suggested that the caller contact the Cross River Heritage Center or Zoar Lutheran Church to see if they know who could do something about the spike.
10:10 p.m. A party in a Ford F150 is stuck in a turnaround on West Highway 61. North Coast Towing will respond, but it will be over an hour. The caller said they are warm and comfortable and able to wait.

February 5
11:53 a.m. A caller asked for help in locating someone who is broken down on a snowmobile. Cook County was able to help figure out the party was near Pine Mountain Road.
3:02 p.m. A dog owner called to see if anyone had called with a complaint about his dog. He was outside and the dog was on a leash but was barking. A neighbor was also outside so the person thought they might call on the dog.
9:00 p.m. Cook County attempted to pick up a party. They checked several locations and were unable to locate the individual.

February 6
8:04 a.m. There was a report of a van in the ditch on Devil Track Road with no windows. It has been there for a while. A deputy checked and the van is out of the driving lane. The deputy checked later and reported that there were now two shovels by the van, but no one around. At 3:44 p.m., a final check was made and the van is gone.
1:41 p.m. Forest Service requested and received registration information for a snowmobile.
6:09 p.m. A party called from Lutsen asking help to get their upset spouse to leave their residence. The party called back at 6:18 p.m. saying the individual did leave.
6:32 p.m. A motorist called from the Six Hundred Road reporting that they had driven off the road in a Chevy 3500 pickup. There were no injuries, but a tow is needed on the road which is not plowed. Cook County Towing responded and removed the vehicle.

February 7
1:08 a.m. A homeowner called saying they can’t get their furnace to turn on. They do have fuel. Cook County advised them to contact their fuel company, which they did. They were unable to assist. Cook County gave the phone numbers of local repair companies.
9:42 a.m. A motorist on the way to Duluth for a medical emergency involving a family member called to say they hoped they would not be given a speeding ticket. Cook County advised that medical emergency or not, only emergency service vehicles have clearance to disregard speed zones. The caller was almost in Lake County, so they were advised they could be stopped by Minnesota State Patrol or the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

February 9
3:41 a.m. A party in Grand Marais called to report that a family member is on drugs and driving around in their vehicle. The caller does not want to report the truck stolen but wants help getting the truck back. The party called back and said the family member was back and everything was calm for the moment.
8:48 a.m. An extra patrol was requested at the Cook County courthouse.
9:00 a.m. A caller reported a vehicle on a city street in Grand Marais that has not moved all winter. The sheriff’s office contacted the owner to tell them they are in violation of the city winter parking ordinance. The owner said they cannot move the vehicle because the battery is dead. The party was advised that the car must be moved. A deputy checked at 4:06 p.m. and the car had been moved.
9:08 a.m. A party reported another vehicle that has not moved all winter in Grand Marais. Attempts were made to reach the owner. A neighbor told the sheriff’s office that someone was buying the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office tried to reach that person. Cook County Towing will tow the vehicle to the new owner’s property. A citation will be mailed to the registered owner.
10:39 a.m. A caller requested a welfare check for a person in Grand Portage who may have been involved in a physical domestic dispute. A male party was transported to Cook County Jail.
10:58 a.m. A snowmobile accident was reported in Lutsen. The Lutsen Fire Department, First Responders, and Cook County were paged to respond to assist a female with possible broken ribs. First Responders snowmobiled in to the woman and the location was given to the Tofte Rescue Squad, which responded with a snow ambulance. The patient was transported to Cook County Ambulance and taken to North Shore Health.

February 10
5:52 a.m. A motorist called to report a logging truck stopped in the westbound lane on West Highway 61 with emergency flashers on. The Minnesota State Patrol responded. The trucker said someone is going for a filter for the truck and it will be moved soon.
8:30 a.m. A party reported that their phone numbers had been spoofed again. Their number is being used to call people with fraudulent information about Medicare. Cook County advised the party to contact the FTC as well.
9:02 a.m. There was a report of a computer crime. A harassing email with sexual content sent out to parties in Tofte. It appears a device used by a young person was hacked.
9:39 a.m. The sheriff’s office attempted to pick up a party in Colvill. No one was at the property.
10:17 a.m. A Grand Marais lodging establishment called to report a male that is not a guest hanging around their property for the last couple of hours. The party was inside and they asked him to leave, which he did but is now hanging around the area. The sheriff’s office spoke with the man, who said he is waiting for the Arrowhead Transit bus. The sheriff’s office offered the man a ride home and he declined. A deputy told the man not to go back to the hotel and not to drink the alcohol he had purchased on the street.
12:27 p.m. A party called to report a male hanging out in the stairwell of a building in Grand Marais. The man told the reporting party to stay beautiful. A deputy located the man on a bench. He was not doing anything illegal at that point.
2:16 p.m. The man from the earlier calls returned to the lodging business. He is talking to himself and making loud noises. The party was asked to leave again. He said someone is picking him up at 3:00 p.m. There were two more calls reporting the same person and he was given a ride to the home of a friend in Grand Marais.
4:29 p.m. There was a report of an injured deer that dragged itself into the ditch on West Highway 61. The information was shared with the Minnesota State Patrol.
6:13 p.m. A party called from their workplace in Lutsen to report that they have been receiving threatening texts.
6:27 p.m. A guest at Bluefin Bay called to report family members that were overdue from a snowmobile ride. There were four people on two machines. They were well-dressed for the weather, but they are not answering phones. Tofte First Responders and Cook County Search and Rescue were paged and began a search for the parties. Calls were made to businesses on the snowmobile route and a party matching the description of the overdue riders stopped at Hungry Jack Lodge and were headed back to Tofte. Cook County advised the reporting party to call again if they were not home soon. The party called back at 9:44 p.m., the group had made it back safe and sound. They thanked Cook County for the help.
9:24 p.m. A party staying at Surfside Resort reported that their yellow lab, Rowdi, had run off. Deputies searched the area on foot and in squad cars. They were unable to locate the dog, but will keep an eye out. As of March 5, Rowdi is still missing. The owners are asking for assistance in locating their dog. More information can be found here.

February 11
7:58 a.m. Cook County was asked to help with a child custody issue. The parent with custody said they want to pick up the children and the other parent is not cooperating. The caller said the children are witnessing the argument. They also said the other parent previously sent threatening messages. After speaking with the parents it was determined that the mother take the children for the day.
10:22 a.m. A party on East Highway 61 called asking if someone had a valid driver’s license.
10:38 a.m. The sheriff’s office arrested a male party in Colvill on a warrant.
11:43 a.m. A homeowner on Maple Hill called to report that their neighbor’s dogs keep getting loose and get into his garbage on trash pickup day. The sheriff’s office spoke to the dog owner. They are working to keep their dogs in their yard.
12:19 p.m. A party called from the Gunflint Trail asking is the sheriff’s office could help unlock a vehicle. Cook County advised that they could not and referred the caller to a towing company.
1:51 p.m. A Grand Marais resident called to talk to someone about mangy coyotes in her yard. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was contacted.
1:59 p.m. A party in Hovland called to say they received mail that they had a DUI and they should call to resolve the issue. Cook County advised the party not to call the company or give them any information.
3:23 p.m. A motorist called saying they are somewhere in the woods and they had a tire blow. They are on a dangerous curve in a small gray Toyota pickup. It was determined the caller was on Lullabye Creek Road. Cook County Towing was able to assist.
4:46 p.m. A driver called from Clearwater Road to report that the road is very icy. The sheriff’s office contacted the Cook County Highway Department.
5:13 p.m. There was a report of a chimney fire on County Road 6. The Grand Marais Fire Department and Cook County Ambulance were paged. The fire department found that the chimney was full of creosote. The fire department cleared the pipe from the roof. The fire was out by 6:02 p.m., but the homeowner was advised that it needs a good cleaning.
6:42 p.m. A party called to tell the sheriff’s office that the restraining order they filed for had gone through yesterday. They got a text from an unknown number and asked if law enforcement could tell them who it was from. Cook County said they are unable to do that. The party was advised to block the phone number.

February 12
10:01 a.m. A party called to see if an individual party was in the Cook County Jail. They were concerned about their family member who knows this person.
10:46 a.m. A party in Grand Marais reported a call from “Amazon” from Russia. The party gave them access to their phone because they said they needed to fix it. The party realized it was a scam and wanted to report it. Cook County advised the party to change all passwords and to be vigilant about watching their accounts to make sure no money is lost. Information on the FTC was given.
12:26 p.m. A property owner called to verify that their address was correct when dialing 911. Cook County verified that the address was correct.
4:20 p.m. A party in Lutsen called to report a threatening phone call from the ex-boyfriend of a woman he had been talking to on the phone and internet.
4:28 p.m. A motorist called from a logging road off of the Shoe Lake Road where they were stuck. There are no injuries, but they need a tow for their 2019 Nissan Rogue. North Coast Towing responded and got the vehicle out.

February 13
9:12 a.m. A party from Grand Portage called for information to help some homeless people. The sheriff’s office took the information on the people needing help and contacted Cook County Public Health and Human Services.
10:06 a.m. A property owner called with questions about their off-peak heat system. They were advised to call Arrowhead Electric.
3:12 p.m. A party called from the Grand Portage Lodge reporting that their vehicle had been tampered with and someone had taken some medication from them. After talking to the party and Canadian customs further, it was determined that the party had tried to enter Canada several times. Customs officials said they seemed very fidgety. Customs officials said the party’s car was inspected and medication was returned to the party.
4:46 p.m. A property owner on Foothill Boulevard in Lutsen called to report that their neighbor’s horses were loose. They do not know the neighbor’s name. The party called back at 4:58 p.m., the horses and owners have been reunited.
6:16 p.m. A party called from the Gunflint Trail reporting that two males who were snowshoeing were lost. It is believed they are on the Centennial Trail, heading west. Gunflint Trail Fire Department and Ambulance and Cook County Search and Rescue were paged. Responders started a search at Round Lake and at the Centennial Trail trailhead. Responders found the parties at 6:50 p.m. They were not injured. Everyone was back and accounted for by 7:00 p.m.
11:32 p.m. An adult female was given a ride home from the Grand Portage Lodge due to the cold.
11:34 p.m. A dog owner called to ask for help because her pet ate a SOS steel wool pad. The law enforcement center said they could come in for hydrogen peroxide and instructions on how to use it. The party called back and said her dog threw everything up. Cook County advised her to call a vet in the morning.

February 14
12:31 a.m. There was a report of a domestic disturbance on Ski Hill Road in Lutsen. A male party was arrested.
7:10 a.m. A party on East Highway 61 called to report a gray vehicle parked near their home. When the reporting party confronted them, they took off. They seemed intoxicated or high.
11:17 a.m. There was a report of a Nissan SUV in the ditch on County Road 7 in Grand Marais. The reporting party said they talked to the people and they seemed upset. They seem to be getting the vehicle in a worse situation. When a deputy arrived, the parties said they went down the wrong driveway and got stuck when they tried to turn around. A tow company had already been called.
1:29 p.m. A driver in a Chevy Traverse called from Kimball Lake for assistance in getting a tow. The two occupants were not injured but were cold. Cook County Towing responded and got the vehicle out.

February 15
2:08 a.m. A homeowner in Grand Marais said she was out of propane. The sheriff’s office gave her the number for the propane company. She has someplace to stay if it gets too cold.
11:10 a.m. A party on West Highway 61 requested a call back from a deputy regarding harassing emails.
11:23 a.m. A parent in Grand Marais called with questions regarding custodial rights. The party was advised to contact an attorney.
12:21 p.m. The sheriff’s office received a report of a fraud call that claimed his Amazon account had been used in Russia. The party did not give any information but just wanted to report the incident.
4:35 p.m. A party called with concerns about a party not wearing a mask at a Grand Marais business. The caller thought the maskless person was an employee. The sheriff’s office did a check and all employees were wearing masks. The manager was advised of the concern.

February 16
8:51 a.m. A party in Grand Portage called to report overhearing a disturbing phone conversation of someone in distress.
10:00 a.m. Grand Marais First Responders and the Cook County Ambulance were paged to a possible suicide attempt. A party was transported to the hospital.

February 23
2:08 a.m. A party in Grand Portage called to report that someone staying at their neighbor’s house has been very loud for an hour, driving a snowmobile and they think they have been drinking. Three calls came in with the same complaint. When deputies responded, the individual fled on the snowmobile and then stopped and fled on foot. A male party was taken into custody at 4:21 a.m.
7:37 a.m. A motorist reported a raptor of some type in the northbound lane on East Highway 61. Other birds were picking at it. The county gave the information to the State Patrol. The bird was removed from the highway. It was an owl.
3:16 p.m. A party called to report a phone answering machine message with an automated voice telling them that their social security number had been compromised. They did not respond.

February 24
1:06 a.m. A caller in Grand Marais heard what they thought were gunshots inside their building. A deputy responded and it was determined that there was an argument between neighbors and the sound was a door slamming.
9:16 a.m. A party reported a logging truck on the side of the road on County Road 7, partially in the driving lane. The caller said there is no semi attached and seems to be a major hazard. A deputy drove all of County Road 7 and no truck was found.
7:10 p.m. A motorist called to let the sheriff’s office know that their vehicle slid into the ditch by The Pines on the Gunflint Trail. Someone is coming to pull them out and it is on a straight stretch so a deputy shouldn’t be needed for assistance with lights.
10:03 p.m. A couple called for assistance from a road off of the Sawbill Trail. They are stuck in a Subaru Forester, about a mile in. They are dressed warmly and will walk out to the Sawbill. They need a ride back to their Air BnB. They will get a tow tomorrow. A deputy located the parties and gave them a ride to their lodging.

February 25
11:50 a.m. A caller reported that there was a “No Trucks” sign on a road in Grand Marais and a delivery driver would not go to his house. The party took the sign down, but the driver said they still will not deliver because they don’t want to violate a city ordinance. Cook County informed the customer and the driver that a truck can drive down the road to make a delivery, but cannot use it as a shortcut.
1:16 p.m. A property owner on West Highway 61 reported that someone had broken into a building on his property in the last month. The door on the three-season porch appears to have been kicked in. Nothing was taken from the building.
3:28 p.m. A phone call came in on the non-emergency line, but there was only a weird noise and then was disconnected. It is possibly a pocket dial.

February 26
8:05 a.m. A party from Wisconsin called to report that they hit a Toyota in their Chevy Tahoe in a parking lot on Ski Hill Road. There was no damage to their vehicle. They left their insurance information on the driver’s side window.
2:48 p.m. A call came in reporting a Chevy Silverado in the ditch on the Caribou Trail. The motorist said the road from Caps Trail to the Caribou is very icy. There is damage to the front of the vehicle and to the electrical junction box. A deputy helped the motorist push the vehicle out of the ditch. Arrowhead Electric was informed of the damage.
4:26 p.m. The Arrowhead Transit bus reported a collision with a Honda CRV. There are no injuries. The parties will meet with a deputy at the Senior Center parking lot to give a report.
7:31 p.m. A group of snowmobilers reported that a Jeep with five occupants was stuck on the 600 Road, about three miles from the Trestle Inn. There was some difficulty locating the vehicle, which was a Chevy Equinox. Cook County Towing responded and was able to get the car off the unplowed road. The parties were guests at Bluefin Bay who had attempted to go to the Trestle Inn following their car’s GPS.
9:17 p.m. There was a call of someone walking around the North Shore Care Center building and looking in a window. The person is gone, but the Care Center wanted the incident on record.
10:30 p.m. A motorist called to report hitting a deer on Highway 61 in Beaver Bay. The call was transferred to the State Patrol dispatch.

February 27
2:11 p.m. A party called to let the sheriff’s office know that they were going swimming in the Grand Marais harbor. There are two people, in wet suits.
3:08 p.m. A caller from Grand Marais reported receiving an email from someone claiming to have accessed their computer. The email requested $1,500 from the party. They did not give any information, but just reported the attempt at fraud.
3:29 p.m. A U.S. Forest Service officer requested assistance with the arrest of a male under the influence driving a snowmobile.
9:14 p.m. The sheriff’s office received a notice to be on the lookout for a possibly suicidal male from Lake County.
9:33 p.m. A party called from West Highway 61 to report a loud party next door. They have two young children that are trying to sleep. A deputy talked to the parties and they agreed to be quiet.

February 28
11:28 a.m. A motorist called from Mink Lake to say they were stuck in a Honda Civic. They are warm enough but need a tow. North Coast Towing responded and no one was at the location given. It looked like someone had been there.
11:33 a.m. A deputy radioed to report a vehicle in the ditch on County Road 7. The motorist has someone coming to get them out.
11:39 a.m. A party in Grand Portage called to report that an individual kicked in the door to their residence and proceeded to do further damage.
1:33 p.m. A caller reported a hit and run on Ski Hill Road in Lutsen. A Jeep Wrangler hit a Honda Sonata. The Jeep was located and stopped. There was no visible damage to the Jeep. The driver said he stopped to see if there was damage to the car, but did not get out of his vehicle. He did not think there was damage. A deputy checked the Honda, which did have noticeable damage.

February 28
3:02 p.m. There was a request for a tow from a campground on West Highway 61. The vehicle is on the lower side. North Coast Towing responded.
3:53 p.m. A driver called to report hitting a deer on East Highway 61. There is no damage to the vehicle and the deer is dead. The motorist requested a possession tag to take the deer.
9:16 p.m. A caller on East Highway 61 reported hitting a deer. The deer ran off into the woods. There is some vehicle damage, but it is driveable.
9:24 p.m. A vehicle was spotted in the ditch on the west side of the Gunflint Trail at Little Devil Track River. The vehicle was unoccupied and there was no sign of injury. There was an open alcohol container in the center console. The owner was located and was not injured.

In addition to these calls, there were many others: traffic stops; business and residence checks; medical calls; crank or misdialed 911 calls, and much more.

Anyone with questions for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office may call the non-emergency line at 218-387-3040. In emergencies, dial 911.