Kalli Hawkins
WTIP Outdoor News Podcast

Fall fly fishing from a canoe in Cook County

Fly fishing conjures many images for spirited anglers: Remote streams, waders and a brimmed cap, looping line from a roll cast dancing behind a setting sun.

And then there’s the Cook County canoe version: trolling.

It doesn’t always have to be fancy or romantic to go fly fishing on inland lakes in northeastern Minnesota. In fact, trolling a fly that looks like a minnow is a fine way to pursue fish in Cook County from a canoe. And there’s no better season than fall for such an activity.

In this episode of the WTIP Outdoor News Podcast, hosts Kalli Hawkins and Joe Friedrichs learn this firsthand. Kalli and Joe recently trolled with Clouser minnow flies on a local lake.

Also featured in this episode of the podcast is local angler and fly fishing instructor Michael Hero. A dedicated fly angler who frequents the North Shore tributaries that flow into Lake Superior, Hero shares insights on fall fly fishing in Cook County.