Lake Superior Project

LSProject: Beavers and their relationship with the Lake Superior region

Though loved by some in the Lake Superior region, beavers have been chewing their way into trouble in recent years near downtown Grand Marais and the town harbor. Indeed, Grand Marais Recreation Park Manager Dave  Teersteeg says beavers are becoming problematic for some residents and park operations in Grand Marais.

Beavers are the largest rodent living in North America. The easiest way to describe them is this: a swimming rat with buck teeth and a large tail. However, these rodents, while sometimes labeled as pests, can be extremely valuable for forests, wetlands and nearly everywhere they reside along the North Shore… so long as they have enough food to eat.

In this installment of the Lake Superior Project, WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs find out the value of, and occasional troubles caused by beavers.