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Recap Of Moose Conference In Grand Portage

The North American Moose Conference is an annual gathering that brings together researchers, conservationists, and aspiring graduate students from across the continent. The annual event serves as a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, discussing conservation strategies, and fostering collaboration among moose ecology and management experts. The event was held in Grand Portage this May.

The multi-day conference and workshop events occurred between May 22-26. They included two field trips to observe moose habitat and learn more about habitat conservation, predator-prey dynamics, and the crucial role researchers play in advancing our understanding and conservation efforts of the symbolic species.

The 55th annual moose conference, hosted by the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, started off with a field trip to Isle Royale National Park to explore the unique moose inhabited landscape.

Podcast hosts Kalli Hawkins and Joe Friedrichs were able to attend portions of the moose conference this year in Grand Portage. They share details and interviews with presenters and attendees from the conference in this episode.