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County board sets sights on 2021 after busy start to December

Waste management, land use, equipment for the highway department and local property taxes were key themes during a memorably busy day for the Cook County Board of Commissioners Dec. 8.

Following a nearly four-hour meeting of the county board in the morning, the commissioners resumed their 2020 Truth in Taxation meeting Tuesday night. The annual event actually started one-week prior, being continued to Dec. 8 as a number of proposed property tax statements for local residents went out late this year. The commissioners will set the final levy later this month at an amount that will not exceed approximately 4.1 percent.

During the regularly scheduled board meeting, the commissioners discussed a variety of topics ranging from the purchase of an excavator for the highway department to the acquisition of land within the Sawtooth Bluffs area above Grand Marais. The commissioners also approved a plan to move forward in a regional solid waste management agreement along with many nearby counties regarding what to do with garbage and other solid waste materials.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with County Administrator James Joerke one day after a marathon session for meetings in local government. The audio shared below is their full conversation from Dec. 9.