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North Shore Forest Collaborative: Free White Pine Seedlings Available Now!

Cook County Community Center
317 W 5th St,
Grand Marais, Minnesota 55604

White pine seedlings provided by the North Shore Forest Collaborative are available to pick up at four distribution sites:
Cook County Community Center: 317 W 5th St, Grand Marais
Silver Bay City Hall: 7 Davis Dr, Silver Bay
Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center: 9096 West, MN-61, Schroeder
Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District: 408 1st Ave, Two Harbors

NOTE: The boxes of white pine seedlings are set out by each building, and each box contains 360 seedlings per box and have a marking of “PRT”, which is a Canada-based firm that has nurseries in the United States and Canada. The white pine seedlings are of a genetic stock from Wisconsin. Please take only what you can plant, protect, and tend to as they grow over the years. 
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