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Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves

“Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves” is a series exploring how we can strengthen our communities and organizations, by delving into the question, “How do we come together as a community around what matters most?” Host Marcia Hyatt interviews thought leaders to understand how we can strengthen our community. This series is funded in part by the Knight Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

Marcia Hyatt is a presenter and leadership coach. She has worked in leadership development over the past 30 years.  She is a master trainer of the Organization Workshop and a longtime colleague of Barry and Karen Oshry. Marcia is a regular leadership columnist for the Minnesota Women’s Press and creator and host of the weekly WTIP radio feature “The Best of Ourselves”.

She has authored numerous articles, chapters, and books on the subject of leadership. Marcia co-founded the Center for Emerging Leadership and its Women’s Leadership Community, an intentional learning community that supports women in bringing their whole selves into the world. In 2011, she published, What Have I Mythed? Stories for Reflection.

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January 31, 2019
Talking literature and life with Parker J. Palmer

As author and educator Parker J. Palmer approaches his 80th birthday, he has numerous reflections on how to show up for our lives…how to navigate the political divide…what our democracy needs from us to move through these difficult times.

In this WTIP featured production, Host Marcia Hyatt explores these subjects and more with Palmer, talking about his new book, “On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old.”

July 21, 2017
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves 2017 Part 4: Stories of kindness and care in our community

Some feel kindness is the antidote to hatefulness. It does knit a community together and make us all feel healthier and happier.

In the final episode of the 2017 Bringing out the Best of Ourselves series, we asked for stories of kindness from members of our small North Shore community. Listen to stories of helping in times of need, showing care and random acts of kindness.

We hope the stories you hear bring inspiration to your life!


June 16, 2017
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves 2017 Part 3: Not Just a Pretty Picture – the power of art to change and heal

This episode of Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves explores the power of art to heal us individually and as a community.  Marcia Hyatt interviews art therapist Tessa Larson, founding member of Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed in France, Margy Nelson and CEO and President of the Minnesota Humanities Center, David O’Fallon.


May 25, 2017
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves 2017 Part 2: Thriving in times of rapid change, with Jennifer Garvey Berger

This second program in the 2017 series – hosted by Marcia Hyatt – features a conversation with Dr. Jennifer Garvey Berger, co-author of “Simple Habits for Complex Times.” She shares simple, fun and rewarding things we can do to be innovative and nimble in times of rapid change. Her practical tips not only provide immediate results, they are contagious!


May 25, 2017
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves 2017 Part 1: Living authentically, with Roxanne Howe-Murphy

This first program in the 2017 series – hosted by Marcia Hyatt – is an exploration into what it means to live deeply; to live a life of authenticity, presence and joy. Marcia interviewed Dr. Roxanne Howe Murphy, the author of the book “Deep Living.” She talks about the simple things we can to do be happier and more resilient in our lives.


May 30, 2014
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves, Part 4: Power and Love

In Part 4 of Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves, host Marcia Hyatt explores how to integrate power and love for healthy community dialogues.  She speaks with Adam Kahane, author of Power and Love, as well as Dr. Ginny Belden Charles who shares regional success stories of integrating power and love.  Finally, Marcia weaves these themes together to examine how to find forgiveness to move our community forward.


April 14, 2014
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves: Part 3

In part three of WTIP’s “Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves” series, Cameron Norman and Marcia Hyatt cohost a conversation with Parker J. Palmer, an acclaimed author and activist, about what it takes to have a healthy democracy.


February 25, 2014
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves: Part 2

How can we prepare ourselves to be in community? How do we show up as our best selves in tense situations? In this hour of WTIP’s series “Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves,” we hear from Wendy Palmer, the founder of Leadership Embodiment, to learn more.


December 31, 2013
Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves: Part 1

What does it take to create partnerships in our community? In this show, we take a closer look at this question through an interview with Barry Oshry, a distinguished educator and a pioneer in the field of human systems thinking.  His research, writing and teaching have focused on the human systems dynamics arising when people are in top, middle, bottom, and customer relationships with one another.  Using Oshry’s framework, Marcia Hyatt and Bob Carter explore what it takes to create partnerships in our communities.

December 31, 2013
Introduction to the series with the show’s producer

“Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves” launches in January of 2014. In this interview, Marcia Hyatt, the show’s producer, introduces and explains the series and what she will be discussing during the four-part program.