Jaye White

Going Green in Cook County

The people who call the North Shore home are often recognized for their creative and innovative thinking and lifestyles. In addition, a strong connection to the environment and the natural world are often associated with the people who reside in the far reaches of northeastern Minnesota.

In this series, WTIP explores how people and local businesses are incorporating their lifestyles or business models in a way that could make for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for generations to come. From family farms near Lake Superior to staff housing for local businesses that are powered by solar, this series shares a variety of stories from the people who are embracing the notion of going green in Cook County.

Support for this series comes from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.


Placeholder August 19, 2021
Electric vehicles find a home on the Gunflint Trail and Highway 61

Bob and Ginny Padzieski of Grand Marais purchased a Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid car in 2019. They did so for a variety of reasons, including both environmental and economic factors.

Bob took WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs for a spin up the Gunflint Trail as part of the ‘Going Green in Cook County’ series.


Placeholder September 12, 2019
North Shore businesses find the benefits of ‘going green’

A variety of local businesses in Cook County are finding firsthand some of the benefits within the green movement. From restaurants that rely heavily on locally-resourced foods such as fish or fresh produce, to bed and breakfast operations that stay lit via solar power, the variety and diversity of the green movement in local businesses is energizing in its own right.


Placeholder September 3, 2019
Going green can help the planet, and your bank account

Solar panels on rooftops. Electric vehicles. Growing your own food.

These are all common themes when it comes to “going green in 2019.” Be that as it may, not everyone is realistically in a position, be it financially speaking or for other reasons, to embrace these industry trends. However, one doesn’t have to check the status of their bank account or even overextend themselves to embrace environmentally-friendly practices in Cook County. Tasks such as such turning off lights when leaving a room, installing proper insulation and even walking to check the mail rather than driving can save energy and benefit the planet.


Placeholder July 19, 2019
Family farms a growing branch of North Shore’s green initiatives

Even by Cook County standards, Nick and Kristin Wharton, along with their three children, live in a remote setting in Cook County. It’s here on this remote homestead that the family runs the local business known as the Good Nature Farm.