Heavy rain leads to flooding of more Cook County roads
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Heavy rain leads to flooding of more Cook County roads

UPDATE: The County Road 60 and 14 washout conditions have improved and both roads are okay to drive as of 3:20 p.m. Thursday, according to the Cook County Highway Department. Meanwhile, roads in the east end of Cook County have continued to wash out Thursday afternoon, including sections of the Irish Creek Road and Moose Valley Road.

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The Cook County Highway Department has issued a no travel advisory this morning for County Road 60 and upper County Road 14 due to flooding and culvert washouts.

Maintenance Supervisor Josh Dix said there are multiple culvert washouts on both roads and that travel is not safe.

Dix said water on the road at the intersection of County Road 60 and County Road 14 has made the road impassable.

Dix said crews are out working Thursday morning to divert the water from the road. The highway department will issue updates as repairs are made.

In addition, a section of Devil Track Road remains closed due to flooding.

The Cook County Highway Department today closed a section of Devil Track Road from the Devil Track Forest Service Campground at the end of the pavement to Solberg Lane due to flooding and road washout.

Solberg Lane is just east of Thompson Lake, a designated trout lake located just off Devil Track Road.

Motorists who don’t need to access nearby homes should avoid the area until flooding subsides.

Dix told WTIP it could become dangerous to drive through the water as the roadbed becomes more saturated, so we are closing the road until conditions improve.

The Cook County Highway Department will continue to monitor the situation. The department will reopen the road as soon as flooding subsides and any needed roadway repairs are completed.