Photographer Travis Novitsky shares recent northern light experiences
Travis Novitsky
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Photographer Travis Novitsky shares recent northern light experiences

There have been some spectacular opportunities to view the northern lights here in northern Minnesota this past week.

A well-known photographer along the north shore, Travis Novitsky has been in the field witnessing the northern lights and making awe-inspiring photographs.

“The past week has been great,” Novitsky said. He shared he was photographing the milky way one night when he turned around and found the northern lights dancing across the sky behind him.

While Novitsky enjoys taking photos of wildlife, the north shore, and outdoor recreation, he said his favorite elements are water and the night sky.

“As I like to say, the night sky and water, along with photography, are probably my three most important anchors. And by anchors, I mean things that helped keep me kind of feeling centered, and give me a sense of peace,” Novitsky said.

To view Novitsky’s recent northern light photos visit his website here.

Novitsky shares his process of making photos and offers tips to aspiring night sky photographers. Audio from the interview with WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins below.