School District 166 buses leaving the garage. File photo - Rhonda Silence
Rhonda Silence

School board approves incentive for bus drivers and names interim activities director

At the School District 166 October school board meeting, the need for bus drivers was a top topic.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence checked in with Superintendent Chris Lindholm after the meeting to learn more about an increase in bus driver compensation. Lindholm said the board approved an increase for bus drivers’ wages to $24 an hour. Current drivers got a raise and that is now the starting wage for bus drivers.

Lindholm also told WTIP that another option for people who may be interested in being a driver in the morning and afternoon is a split schedule. He said if there is a driver who only wants to do a morning route, or the afternoon route, that is an option. The school district also needs substitute drivers.

The school board also discussed how to fill the vacancy created when Assistant Principal and Activities Director Mitch Dorr resigned. He left the school district on November 1. Lindholm told WTIP that Social Studies Teacher Andy Feddema will take on the role of interim activities director. The position will be advertised for the next school year, but Feddema will take on those duties for now.

The school district will likely not fill the assistant principal role. Those duties will be shared by other school staff.

Listen to the conversation below.