Snow and wind batter the North Shore during Severe Weather Awareness Week
WTIP file photo

Snow and wind batter the North Shore during Severe Weather Awareness Week

It’s been a memorable week for weather in Cook County.

Winter-like weather to start the week led to a snow day at local schools across the county. By Tuesday, rivers were surging from melting snow as clear skies and a bright sun brought temperatures close to 50 degrees. Thursday morning brought more snow and difficult travel conditions to the North Shore and across the entire WTIP listening area.

The varying weather and difficult travel conditions align with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s reminder that severe weather can happen at any time in Cook County.

​​In Minnesota and across the nation, a host of state, federal, and local agencies are bringing attention to Severe Weather Awareness Week. The national campaign is from April 17-21 this year. The idea is to bring preparedness and planning when situations like flooding, wildfires, and other natural disasters can occur.

In Cook County, severe weather and other related topics will be discussed during the upcoming Emergency Services Conference. The 2023 conference will be held in Grand Marais April 28-29 at the community center and other locations throughout the county.

The full agenda for the conference and more information is available by clicking here.

WTIP’s Joe Friedrichs spoke with Cook County Emergency Management Director Mike Keyport about severe weather, the risk of flooding this spring, and the upcoming conference. Audio below.