Rhonda Silence

State officials working on COVID-19 preparedness for business re-openings

Judy Erickson, the government relations representative for the Cook County Chamber, shared a comprehensive legislative update this week.

WTIP’s Rhonda Silence checked in with Erickson to find out how legislators are handling committee meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of the Capitol building.

Erickson also gave an update on progress toward a resolution of the short term rental property tax question—should short term rentals, those seen on Air BnB and similar online sites—be taxed as commercial? Are they still seasonal-recreational properties if the owners are using them as income generators? Erickson told WTIP that after the latest hearing, the legislature is leaning toward establishing an entirely new tax classification, one between seasonal-recreational and commercial.

Erickson also spoke about the state efforts to provide guidance to businesses as they once again open their doors to the public. A draft COVID-19 Preparedness template has been posted to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s website. Click here to see the template.

The document is a draft and Erickson said it has not yet been adopted as there are details still to be worked out. She stressed that the intent is to help businesses with planning for reopening.