Two Harbors survives Festival of Sail: Tall Ships weekend
Matt Nesheim
Community Voices

Two Harbors survives Festival of Sail: Tall Ships weekend

Two Harbors has survived the weekend. 

“Our neighbors are still intact,” said Matt Nesheim. “Two Harbors is still standing after the event.” 

The Festival of Sail: Tall Ships took place in Two Harbors, Minn., over the weekend. Cook County residents Nesheim and Liv Thompson, who own and operate the 60-foot Schooner Charley, were invited to participate in the lively event. 

While Thompson and Nesheim enjoyed meeting and chatting with other crew members and thousands of spectators, they shared that their favorite moment was meeting the crew of the Spanish Nao Trinidad. 

Grand Marais was fortunate to experience a sneak peek of the Nao Trinidad flagship when it sailed into the harbor and docked on August 2 and 3 before continuing to the Two Harbors event. 

“They actually wanted us to let you all know that they just really appreciated everybody coming out,” said Thompson. The Nao Trinidad crew also wanted to share with the Grand Marais community that they appreciated the fruit and pizza and wished they could have invited everybody on the ship. 

Thompson said the Nao Trinidad crew members told her, “Waking up in Grand Marais was like waking up in a fairy tale.” 

“They thought it was pretty magical. So that was a highlight for me to hear them speak so highly of our home,” Thompson said.

While Nesheim and Thompson said they were disappointed to miss out on the annual Fisherman’s Picnic, they enjoyed the Festival of Sail event and look forward to attending again in the future. 

WTIP’s Kalli Hawkins spoke with Matt Nesheim and Liv Thompson while they sailed along the North Shore after leaving the Festival of Sail event in Two Harbors. Audio from the interview is below.